Face Rock Enterprises current open funding opportunities are available in PDF format at this link.

Currently Open Funding Opportunities (as of 7/1/24)



HRSA                                                                                                                                 Open Date    Due Date

HRSA-25-087 Service Area Competition – Additional Area HHS-HRSA Posted 06/04/2024 08/05/2024
HRSA-25-085 New Access Points HHS-HRSA Posted 05/30/2024 08/15/2024
HRSA-25-084 Expanded Hours HHS-HRSA Posted 05/21/2024 06/24/2024


Upcoming Funding Opportunities

  • Small Ambulatory Grant (SAP) for new or remodeling of existing health facilities- to be announced in July 2024


  • IHS Joint Venture – to be announced in 2024. This is not annual grant, but is projected to open up in 2024


  • Tribal Management Grants– (should be announced by 12/24)
    • Feasibility used to measure the need or assessment, management, financial analysis and projections, and decision/recommendation statement
    • Planning used to establish goals and performance measures
    • Evaluation Study used for collection analysis and interpretation of data for determining the value of a program. Model for designing and management of project
    • Health Management Structure used for health organizations, health board, financial management systems for HR, Accounting, Billing, Medical Records, and Management Information